Christian Grove

Christian Grove, DPT
Physical Therapist

Greetings! My name is Christian. I grew up in the small town of Schaefferstown, located in the heart of PA Dutch country, in the southeastern part of Lebanon County (Lepin Condy). I attended the ELCO school district, where I played soccer and tennis. After graduating from high school, I began my physical therapy coursework at Lebanon Valley College. While there, I was a member of the LVC tennis team. In addition to chasing interests with athletics, I also pursued my passion for the arts by achieving a minor degree in studio art. During the spring semester of my sophomore year, I participated in a study-abroad program in New Zealand. I have had many opportunities to participate in clinical rotations throughout Pennsylvania; however, my most noteworthy clinical rotation was in Phoenix, Arizona, where I lived, studied, and worked for the final semester of my PT Program.

As I mentioned earlier, I played tennis in college. Carrying that love for tennis beyond my high school and undergraduate career, I continue to watch pros like Roger Federer and seize every chance I have to hit the courts.

In my free time, I love to listen to all kinds of music. Currently, my go-to is a slow grinding blues from artists like the great Stevie Ray Vaughan or BB King. I also really enjoy Bruce Springsteen, Chris Stapleton, Coldplay, the Eagles, Mumford and sons, Ed Sheeran, Eric Johnson, Los Lonely Boys, Old Crow Medicine Show, Rihanna, Johnny Cash, Trombone Shorty, Jack Johnson, Avenged Sevenfold, John Mayer, Fall Out Boy, Eminem, the Beach Boys, Gustav Mahler, James Taylor, and many many more. Don’t hesitate to stop by and tell me about any new music you may have discovered. I’m always looking for something fresh to listen to!

Growing up in the beautiful countryside of central PA, I cultivated an interest in being active and spending lots of time outdoors. As a young lad, my older brother Charles and I would spend countless hours running around making “forts” interspersed throughout my parents 7-acre farmette, playing homemade games including: “floorgis”, “the crabapple game”, “dodge the walnut”, and even “hey let’s see if we can cut that tree down with only a hatchet and a pipe bomb.”

Aside from being a master of good ol’ fashion fun, I pride myself in my breadth of knowledge of the world of J. R. R. Tolkien. I am huge Lord of the Rings enthusiast, having read The Hobbit and LOTR Trilogy, and am able to quote innumerable lines from the Lord of the Rings movies.

A little-known fact about me, of which only my closest friends are aware, is that I am constantly craving to play complicated strategy games. I love to play Settlers of Catan with friends and family. I also enjoy playing all kinds of card games. Over the years, some of my guilty pleasures include: dabbling in more eclectic games like Risk, Stratego, Magic the Gathering, and Mage Knights.

Some nickel knowledge about me

I have hiked on a glacier.
I am a coffee connoisseur.
I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
I have a remarkable collection of argyle socks.
I am foodie and wannabe chef.
I am a proud owner of a Martin guitar.
I love gear.
I have a newfound interest in stock market investing.

I can’t wait to get to know you better!