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"I had a wonderful experience at Madden. At every visit, the team I worked with was caring, compassionate and were always happy! Their knowledge was extraordinary! I would highly recommend them if you need any therapy!"
Oct 16, 2018
"After many years of appointments I finally was able to get some relief in my neck and shoulders. The team approach and genuine concern by each member of Nicoles team paid off. I can move my neck better than I have been able to in years and my shoulders are noticeably less tight. I was most impressed by a team who worked together to figure out the best approach to help me, it wasn't just one therapist who went with their opinion of what was going to work. I was also impressed by the card exercise system. What a brilliant idea! Now I can and do exercise at home on a regular basis. "
Jun 23, 2018
Apr 10, 2018
Apr 09, 2018


“My experience with Madden has been great, I tried shots, other therapy, chiropractic, and nothing worked. I couldn’t ride for more than 10 minutes in a car, couldn’t walk in a store for long. Could not do so many things like picking up my granddaughter. Now I can do all these things so I am so thankful for everyone here at Madden. Everyone has been great. It has been a long 13 months.

Thank you so much, I can never thank you enough, Christian, Robin, and Austin for giving me a pain free leg and back.”

-Karen F.

“Had trouble turning head side to side and couldn’t raise my right arm. Pain in my back on the left side, balance a little off, and pain.

Today I am pain free, feel wonderful, back to my old self one more time. I turn 75 years young today, and I feel much younger, moving better, thinking better without pain. Thanks to the team that worked on me.”

-Estella Y.

“Coming to Madden PT was the best decision I made. Before I came I could not sit or stand for more than a few minutes without pain. My life activities were on hold, and my job was suffering. With dedication to my PT program my life had resumed back to normal. I can walk, drive, lift, and sleep through the night without any pain. I am able to participate in family activities again with no pain at all. I am very thankful to Jan, Ryan, and Josh for all they did for me, the best caring staff. Thank you so much!”

-Pat C.

Before starting – I was concerned I would need surgery again because my pain was consistently getting worse. Attended one of Chad’s workshops & he was confident that PT would help and gradually reduce likelihood for surgery! Now, when I am consistent with my exercises I can be pretty much pain free! I enjoy playing with my dog, walking with friends, and riding my horse again! Way better than surgery 😊

And even though staying seated to do work—when I do my stretches—it definitely helps!! Thanks to Joe and the team for putting up with me and making the healing process fun!

-Colleen M.

“When a surgeon told me that physical therapy was the only way I could get relief for my back pain my heart sunk. I did not get relief from physical therapy in the past, but after working with Jan, Ryan, and Josh I am doing much better. My pain level is greatly decreased as well as less frequent.”

-Harry M.

“I am very pleased with my results. I went from not being able to lift my arm above shoulder height to having nearly restored 100% range of motion. I was having trouble doing simple things like putting on a coat or putting my hair yup to being able to do all that and more! I would recommend Madden PT to friends and family. I loved the team that I worked with, Jan, Ryan, and Josh are the best!”

-Shannon S.

“I found the staff to be very welcoming. I had difficulty sleeping on my right shoulder and occasional shoulder pain after playing tennis. Now I have discomfort rarely when sleeping and no pain after tennis. The PT was just what I needed to strengthen the shoulder area and loosen up the muscles to have more flexibility. The “hands on” technique was especially helpful as I felt it loosened up my upper back. Thank you.”

-Linda T.