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"I had a herniated disc and had trouble doing simple tasks and even walking and now thanks to the great team at Madden Physical therapy I feel that I am back to my normal life. It was a very difficult time in my life, but the physical therapists were very professional and great to work with. Thank you to everyone that helped me! Great job! "
Apr 15, 2019
"After having a knee replacement this past July, I began to experience rather severe and frequent lower back pain. While I’ve tolerated mild to moderate back pain on occasion for several years, the onset of more severe pain following my knee replacement prompted me to seek relief. Fortunately, Dan Hinnerschitz, DPT happened to be scheduled as a dinner speaker at our local Lions Club where he discussed the various aspects of lower back pain and the benefits that could be obtained from physical therapy…I immediately scheduled an evaluation with Dr. Dan at Madden Physical Therapy’s Dauphin clinic. Long story short…Dr. Dan’s style of physical therapy including manual manipulation did the trick to minimize my recurring episodes of severe SI joint pain, as well as further improve the mobility of my new knee. I have nothing but praise for Dr. Dan and the kind and courteous folks currently staffing the Dauphin clinic…thanks Brittany, Natalie and Leslie. "
Mar 08, 2019
"I came in with dizziness and in one treatment I got my balance back. I feel great thanks to Dr. Conner and his team."
Feb 14, 2019
"I received PT services from Luke for shoulder pain and decreased range of motion and strength in arm due to osteoarthritis. I also wanted to decrease need for injections. My experience with Luke, Josh and Sara was all very positive. I have seen improvement in all areas of concern. I have less pain. I can easily do most daily activities that I was previously struggling to do. "
Jan 31, 2019
"Very pleased-The Madden team is client focused, courteous, responsive with their priority of getting the client back to fullest potential possible! "
Jan 27, 2019
"Madden Physical Therapy provided top rate service with compassion. They made me feel at home and helped me every step of the way along the road to recovery. I would most definitely recommend Madden Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy services."
Nov 29, 2018
"Madden Therapy is a fantastically run PT. They are professional with a relaxed atmosphere which I beleive helps in the healing process because of the comfort level. There personnel from the check in to their PT staff are very patient oriented and knowledgeable about Physical Therapy. I personally had Nicole as my PT and the other people on her team (Lauren and Doni) were also exceptional with a smile and a hello each time I came there. Also Michelle helped in my initial PT along with many others and I thank them for everything they did. Thanks to Madden Therapy and I would recommend it to anyone as a place to go for Physical Therapy."
Nov 21, 2018
"Attending an evening meeting about arthritis and physical therapy was the beginning of a relationship with Madden. Following that meeting, an evaluation and subsequent therapy visits helped me gain much strength in my legs. Nicolle's team was great to work with, always pleasant and explained all the exercises. For me, I believe I got it this time in my brain - that I need to continue these exercises for the rest of my life! Now that is a challenge I hope to meet. Thanks for all you do for many, and have great holidays in the next weeks! "
Nov 17, 2018
"Jan, Ryan, Josh and Alley helped me recover my ability to, not only perform tasks necessary for everyday living, but they helped me get back to the things I love to do - repairs and improvements to my house. They listened to what I was experiencing with my injury and showed me exercises that would help alleviate or lessen the problem. They answered any questions I had and made sure that if I were doing something wrong,I not only corrected it but they explained why it was important to do it in a specific way. They also showed me that even slight adjustments to my exercise would help in completing the exercise. They made me feel that my recovery was important to them. I am grateful for all they did for me. "
Nov 10, 2018
"I had a wonderful experience at Madden. At every visit, the team I worked with was caring, compassionate and were always happy! Their knowledge was extraordinary! I would highly recommend them if you need any therapy!"
Oct 16, 2018
"After many years of appointments I finally was able to get some relief in my neck and shoulders. The team approach and genuine concern by each member of Nicoles team paid off. I can move my neck better than I have been able to in years and my shoulders are noticeably less tight. I was most impressed by a team who worked together to figure out the best approach to help me, it wasn't just one therapist who went with their opinion of what was going to work. I was also impressed by the card exercise system. What a brilliant idea! Now I can and do exercise at home on a regular basis. "
Jun 23, 2018
Apr 10, 2018
Apr 09, 2018


“My experience with Madden has been great, I tried shots, other therapy, chiropractic, and nothing worked. I couldn’t ride for more than 10 minutes in a car, couldn’t walk in a store for long. Could not do so many things like picking up my granddaughter. Now I can do all these things so I am so thankful for everyone here at Madden. Everyone has been great. It has been a long 13 months.

Thank you so much, I can never thank you enough, Christian, Robin, and Austin for giving me a pain free leg and back.”

-Karen F.

“Had trouble turning head side to side and couldn’t raise my right arm. Pain in my back on the left side, balance a little off, and pain.

Today I am pain free, feel wonderful, back to my old self one more time. I turn 75 years young today, and I feel much younger, moving better, thinking better without pain. Thanks to the team that worked on me.”

-Estella Y.

“Coming to Madden PT was the best decision I made. Before I came I could not sit or stand for more than a few minutes without pain. My life activities were on hold, and my job was suffering. With dedication to my PT program my life had resumed back to normal. I can walk, drive, lift, and sleep through the night without any pain. I am able to participate in family activities again with no pain at all. I am very thankful to Jan, Ryan, and Josh for all they did for me, the best caring staff. Thank you so much!”

-Pat C.

Before starting – I was concerned I would need surgery again because my pain was consistently getting worse. Attended one of Chad’s workshops & he was confident that PT would help and gradually reduce likelihood for surgery! Now, when I am consistent with my exercises I can be pretty much pain free! I enjoy playing with my dog, walking with friends, and riding my horse again! Way better than surgery 😊

And even though staying seated to do work—when I do my stretches—it definitely helps!! Thanks to Joe and the team for putting up with me and making the healing process fun!

-Colleen M.

“When a surgeon told me that physical therapy was the only way I could get relief for my back pain my heart sunk. I did not get relief from physical therapy in the past, but after working with Jan, Ryan, and Josh I am doing much better. My pain level is greatly decreased as well as less frequent.”

-Harry M.

“I am very pleased with my results. I went from not being able to lift my arm above shoulder height to having nearly restored 100% range of motion. I was having trouble doing simple things like putting on a coat or putting my hair yup to being able to do all that and more! I would recommend Madden PT to friends and family. I loved the team that I worked with, Jan, Ryan, and Josh are the best!”

-Shannon S.

“I found the staff to be very welcoming. I had difficulty sleeping on my right shoulder and occasional shoulder pain after playing tennis. Now I have discomfort rarely when sleeping and no pain after tennis. The PT was just what I needed to strengthen the shoulder area and loosen up the muscles to have more flexibility. The “hands on” technique was especially helpful as I felt it loosened up my upper back. Thank you.”

-Linda T.