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Update on Madden Physical Therapy's COVID-19 Response:

We are prepared and are continuing to take the appropriate measures outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and the Pennsylvania Department of Health for the protection and safety of our patients and staff.

Cleanliness has always been a priority for us and we will continue with these measures.

Additionally, we've taken extra steps for those who are compromised and need care by providing private treatment rooms by request.


We kindly ask anyone that is sick with a fever, cough, or has trouble breathing call their primary care physician before coming to Madden Physical Therapy.

Madden Physical Therapy Reviews
  • Physical Therapy Harrisburg

    Dr. Luke, Josh, and Sara have been incredible to work with each week. When I started treatment, my pain limited my ability to do all of my normal day to day activities; I could not work out, sleep, or play with my children without experiencing constant pain. During my seven weeks with my PT team, I’ve been able to get back to living my normal life. I’m very appreciative of the care that Luke, Sara, and Josh have provided…

    -James C.

  • Physical Therapy Harrisburg PA

    When I started, I could barely move my arm and shoulder without pain. Now that I have done the exercises at Madden and at home, I can move freely without pain. Working in a cafeteria was tough at times, but with the exercises and pointers I have learned and use on a daily basis, it is much easier working each day. Thank you to Christian, Robin, Meagan, and Austin. I am feeling 100% better.…

    -Brenda A.

  • Harrisburg PA Physical Therapy

    Dan & his team have been my saving grace. I re-injured my hip & lost a lot of mobility in my hip & low back because of it. After my first visit my mobility was much better. By the end, I’m back to my normal self, and my hips are pain free. Dan helped me find stretches that work for me, and I’m able to keep up with my workouts now and not have pain. Thanks Dan, Britany & Natalie!…

    -Cami O.

  • Harrisburg Physical Therapy

    When I began with Madden, I could not walk without a walker, and could not lift my right leg myself. I could not do any house chores or make any meals. Now, through therapy and home exercises, I can do all my own cooking and house chores. I am walking by myself without any assistance. Steps are the only thing I have a little trouble with.…

    -Betty G.

  • Physical Therapy Harrisburg

    When I came to Madden PT, I was having lower back pain that interfered with my ability to do many activities. I thought I was just getting old and this was how I would have to live. I would have pain during and after my exercise classes and while doing normal household chores and especially yardwork. I also had constant neck pain. Now I can do all these activities without having the pain. I have more flexibility (I can touch my toes) and can turn my head without pain! Thank you, Luke, Josh, Sara, and Aly, for helping me to feel young again! You all are the best. This is my first PT experience and it far exceeded my expectations.…

    -Kelley H.

  • Physical Therapy Harrisburg PA

    I was almost killed in a work-related accident in March (2019); when I was pinned between two truck trailers. I had severe pressure on my lower left back and left pelvis. Within a few weeks my pain in these areas became intolerable. Several times I was unable to stand after sitting for even a few minutes and the easiest of household tasks became nearly impossible to do.…

    -Eugene M.

  • Harrisburg Physical Therapy

    I found the staff to be very welcoming. I had difficulty sleeping on my right shoulder and occasional shoulder pain after playing tennis. Now I have discomfort rarely when sleeping and no pain after tennis. The PT was just what I needed to strengthen the shoulder area and loosen up the muscles to have more flexibility. The hands on” technique was especially helpful as I felt it loosened up my upper back. Thank you.…

    -Linda T.

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