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Madden Physical Therapy is Harrisburg’s premier rehabilitation center. We offer the most up to date, scientific treatment available, specializing in treatment for all orthopedic injuries to the spine and extremeties. Our reputation for excellence stands year after year as satisfied patients recommend Madden Physical Therapy to their friends and family. We provide treatment for adolescents and adults, women and men; whether you’re an amateur, professional, or armchair athlete. Our quality care and expertise will help you lead a more independent and fulfilling life.

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Back to biking and running!!

Thanks to all the great staff at Madden!! I have seen major improvement! I had trouble sitting, getting out of bed, sleeping, getting in and out of vehicles, and most of all I stopped running and biking. In the end, all of the pain is now just a minor nuisance and is tolerable. I find by doing physical therapy I am now able to manage my pain. Thank you for your care and education!

Alan Wolfgang

No More Sledding Mishaps!

Bonnie came to Madden with complaints of left sided low back pain and left sided lower extremity pain after landing on her tail-bone while sledding approximately 4 weeks ago. Patient received an x-ray of low back/sacrum which was negative for any fractures. Bonnie reports minimal relief with prednisone medications. After 5 months of physical therapy Bonnie states that she has not experienced any lower extremity sciatica symptoms over the last several weeks. Occasional low back pain reported with certain vigorous activities and caring for her adopted grandson with special needs. Bonnie is now able to enjoy her time spent with her grandson.  Here is what she had to say about her experience with us: “This senior citizen had a sledding mishap last winter which left me with severe sciatica on the left side. The pain was so intense at times it woke me up at night and took my breath away. Today, I have absolutely no leg pain! The folks here at Madden have all been remarkable from the first time I walked in the door. They are friendly and supportive. I almost hate to leave the family atmosphere! Thank you Joe and team for giving me my life back!

Bonnie Steigerwalt

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